Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pencil Drawings with Mr Shaskey.

In the hall on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th of July, Mr Shaskey help each team in drawing and sketching. Each team followed Mr Shaskey and all did a really great job! We learnt some great stuff and we're going to show what we learnt. First we learnt how to set the limits. Setting the limits is making sure that what we're drawing is going to be the right size. Have you ever copied still life or someone elses picture and you drew it too large? I know I have! We sketched lightly to make sure it wasn't to big or to small. Then, we drew the outline. Again we lightly sketched, but this time we drew the shapes and where it was going to be. After that, we drew the big shapes, like how the shape going to end up looking. Next, we shaded and drew the details. Lastly, we put a black line around the edge to draw your attention to the picture.

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